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A Basic Overview Of The Turbo Tax Advertisement Controversy

The Turbo Tax 2013 Advertisement Controversy

The Turbo Tax 2013 advertisements were undoubtedly memorable and those who have seen them will not soon forget them. It is also impossible to deny that these advertisements were more aggressive in than previous advertisements aired by the company. Despite the fact that TurboTax is one of the most popular tax programs on the market, the company is definitely trying as hard as it can to put down the competition.

Why Were the Ads Controversial in the First Place?

The Turbo Tax 2013 ads emphasized the fact that many tax preparation companies hire trained … Read the rest

Turbo Tax Voted the Best Online Tax Software

When it comes to choosing which software to use for your taxes this year, many options are available. For those that wish to choose the best software, it does not take a mountain of research to discover that TurboTax reigns as the top dog in the world of tax software, every year.

TurboTax has received accolades from many publications including The New York Times, PC Magazine, as well as CNET. They all hail TurboTax products for being the easiest to use, most effective, and simplest taxes software package to date.

TurboTax triumphs over other tax software with its easily navigate … Read the rest

Settle Debts with an IRS Debt Attorney

You will never know how delinquent debts are until you see all your assets and hard-earned cash had already been taken away from you. This is one of the saddest parts of life that you might experience. But, will you allow this to happen to you? With the help of the IRS debt attorney, you will have the opportunity to escape from this kind of tragic event that is bound to happen.

For people like you who suffer from the consequences of your monetary mismanagement, an attorney can be the last resort and the biggest hope as well. This is … Read the rest

Self Employment Means More Taxes

Everyone now days wants to make money from home so they can spend more time with their kids. It seems the Internet is on everyone’s mind as the best way to accomplish that and it is indeed probably the best way. However, have you ever considered what it might mean for you tax wise if you are successful in starting your own home business?

Most people who start out to make some extra money online only make small amounts by maybe going to one of the surveys for money websites. They make $50 to $100 or less and then give … Read the rest

Benefits of e-Filing Your Return

Benefits of e-Filing Your Return

Last year nearly 67% of federal tax returns were submitted to the IRS by electronic transfer, or e-file. The IRS likes tax returns to come in electronic format as it is easier for them to process and recently provided a list of benefits for you to consider.

The speed with which your return can be sent, processed, and a refund sent to you is much better when you file your federal return electronically. The IRS is also able to correct your information if there happens to be a missed calculation on the return. Ten days … Read the rest