How To Check Your Tax Return Online


Check Your Tax Return Online

Everyone needs to be updated on the progress of his or her application for a tax return after they file. Failure to do this could unnecessarily prolong the waiting time, which is typically twenty one days. In most cases, the internal revenue service, commonly known as the IRS, is able to meet the 21 day target. However, delays associated with incomplete information or inaccurate details will hold up the process especially if the applicant does not get details of the hindrance. As a rule of thumb, one is advised to keep track of the process by checking the status of his or her tax return online.

There are several ways of verifying the condition of your tax return. To begin with, one can use a telephone to check the status of is of her tax return. The process is simple and it entails calling the IRS hotline at 1-800-829-1954. Besides this toll-free hotline, those with iPhone and Android phones can also check their tax return via a special application, IRS 2go. If you would like to check your tax return status online, the IRS website is the most appropriate place to visit. The website application is easy to navigate through and thus accessible to all and sundry.

The Where’s my Refund IRS web application will help you get the status of your tax return. However, this website is usually updated once in a day. For electrically-filed tax return, the refund information should be available in 24 hours after ISR receives the information. Alternatively, you can check your tax return online by simply having your security number ready at hand while logging in to the IRS website. Going by this option, a number of details would be required, including the exact amount to be refunded. Nevertheless, the goal will be met since one will be able to quickly learn the status of his or her returns.

TurboTax iPad App Allows You Tap Your Way to a Tax Refund


If you own an iPad and still need to file your taxes here is some great news. TurboTax announced today that we now have a new app for the iPad- combining the unmatched simplicity and precision of TurboTax with the ease and portability of the iPad. It is the first and only app that allows taxpayers to prepare and e-file their state and federal tax returns with Turbo-tax using only an iPad. Now you can tap your way to a refund.

The app is optimized for iPad and allows users choose whether to work in portrait or landscape and they have the freedom to prepare their taxes (for 2010) anywhere and at anytime they are on the go.

Turbo-tax on iPad, like all TurboTax products guides people gradually through their returns to their maximum refund. Their returns can also be e-filed from the iPad and can receive their refund with direct deposit, in as little as eight days.

The mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple App store for free to try it out and can be purchased when they are finished. TurboTax Deluxe cost $29.99 and is where customers begin and depending on their tax situation, they can select Turbo-tax Home & Business or TurboTax Premier for an added cost. Preparation of state tax is an additional cost. All prices include e-filing at no extra charge.

Once they have filed their taxes, taxpayers can verify they’re federal tax refund status based on IRS projections with the MyTaxRefund iPad app for free, experience iPad TurboTax tax.

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