Tax Carnival Ecstasy – February 19, 2013

Welcome to the February 19, 2013 edition of Tax Carnival Ecstasy. In this edition we start with a post from David de Souza who looks at 3 Ways To Pay Less Tax On Your Savings. Kurt at has tips on the best way to Choose a Tax Preparer. Have you ever wondered if You need to Pay Taxes on credit card rewards from reward points? William has the details. And finally, John Schmoll examines 5 Easy Ways to Save the Money you Lost Due to the Payroll Tax Increase. Hope you like the material, share on Facebook, tweet, bookmark, and come back soon.


David de Souza presents 3 Ways To Pay Less Tax On Your Savings posted at TaxFix Feed Update, saying, “This blog post will provide 3 tips on how you can maximise your tax efficiency on your savings.”


Bill Smith presents Canadian Income Tax Filing Made Easy posted at 2014 Taxes, saying, “In recent years, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has been expanding the methods available for you to file your income taxes.”

Bill Smith presents Filing Taxes with TurboTax Canada posted at 2014 Taxes, saying, “TurboTax Canada is designed to make filling less of a challenge no matter who you may be.”

Day 56 - Tax Time
Day 56 – Tax Time (Photo credit: absoblogginlutely)

[email protected] presents How to Choose a Tax Preparer posted at Money Counselor, saying, “The IRS’s “10 Tips to Help You Choose a Tax Preparer” overlooks a huge tip that could save you a bundle.”

Bill Smith presents District Court Rules That The TurboTax 2013 Ads Can Continue To Run posted at 2013 Taxes, saying, “The recent TurboTax 2013 television commercials focused on the accounting experience of the TurboTax 2013 staff while also pointing out the lack of experience of tax preparers from other major tax preparation companies.”

Bill Smith presents How You’re Wrong About Debt Consolidation posted at Debt Consolidation, saying, “With so many mixed messages presented by so many different sources, it can be difficult to know which to believe when it comes to finances.”

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William presents Tax Time: Do You Have to Pay Taxes on Credit Card Rewards? posted at Card Guys Blog, saying, “So, the question becomes this: Are your credit card rewards actually considered income? As always, with our somewhat ambiguous tax code, the answer is: It depends.”


Bill Smith presents Getting Your Taxes Done with TurboTax Canada posted at 2014 Taxes, saying, “TurboTax Canada is the software that every person should take advantage of when it comes time to sit down and do your taxes.”

Bill Smith presents E-Filing Your Taxes With TurboTax 2013 posted at 2012 Taxes – Free Tax Filing Options, saying, “We are in the midst of the 2013 tax filing season. Every year since 1993; Americans have increasingly used e-filing software to file their tax returns. TurboTax 2013follow has perfected the process of contemporary electronic tax filing.”

John Schmoll presents 5 Easy Ways to Save Money Lost Due to the Payroll Tax Increase posted at Frugal Rules, saying, “The Payroll Tax Holiday went away at the beginning of 2013. Some families were prepared, some were not. This is a list of ways to help make up for that, or if you’re looking to live more frugal and save money in general.”

David de Souza presents Which countries pay the most tax? posted at Tax Credits, saying, “If you think that you pay too much tax in the US you should compare what you pay to other countries in the world. This blog post looks at which countries pay the highest tax.”


Bryan presents Best Short Term Investments posted at Gajizmo, saying, “Even multi-billion dollar corporations are always trying to maximize the returns of their cash and short term investments, so why shouldn’t you? Here is a comprehensive list of all the best short term investment options, from online checking accounts, money markets and Treasuries to “I-Bonds”, corporate bonds, and property tax certificates. Find out the pros and cons of each and where you feel comfortable parking your cash for the short-term before you invest it at higher yields.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of tax carnival ecstasy using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Military Debt Consolidation – Pros and Cons

What is military debt consolidation, and how can you get it? Consolidation in general just means combining all your payments into one. If you are serious about trying to get rid of debt, then there are a couple benefits to consider.

For one thing, it helps organize the finances better. After all, trying to track payments that are coming due at all different times of the month can be extremely challenging. Also, the interest rate is generally reduced on these loans, because there is usually some form of collateral involved.

Some loans are specifically for either people who have served, or those who are actively serving-hence the name military consolidation loans. A lot of different companies offer these to those who have been in the service.

What effects the rate? They are the same as loans to non-military citizens. In other words, your credit score is the main thing that will determine your monthly payment.

So are they a good option? Even if you do get a better interest rate, they are still very dangerous. This is because you have to provide collateral to get this lower rate. Therefore, you are at risk of losing your personal possessions. In most instances your home is what is used, so you could very well not have a place to live if you default on this payment.

For this reason, a better option than a loan would be credit counseling. There is less risk, because you are not getting a loan. Therefore, you do not have to worry about any of your personal items getting taken because you are defaulting.

Therefore, if you do get a loan, make sure that you can pay it back. If you are serious about it, make sure you shop around extensively before choosing the best firm. This will help you find the lowest interest rate. Also, make sure to find military debt consolidation companies that allow you to consolidate any type of debt. However, in general, credit counseling is your best option.

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Great Advice on Debt Consolidation

Too many people across the country struggle with debts every day. It is easy to take a loan or buy on credit, but difficult to repay one’s dues. The longer you wait to pay off your debts the more interest they accumulate, and you end up adding to your debt rather than reducing them. It is important to start today and take steps to start reducing debts. The first and foremost of course, it is important to start paying your loan installments on time and making more than just the minimum due for payments on credit card bills. If you have several loans and find it difficult to keep track of payments then debt consolidation is an excellent option.

Debt consolidation is the process by which one can convert short term and high interest loans into a single loan. This makes it easier for you to keep track of payments. Choosing a company that offers to consolidate your debts frees you of harassing creditors. You won’t need to worry about visits or calls by creditors. Companies also offer financial advice and guidance to help you deal with your finances and debt in an efficient and effective way.

If you are looking for companies that offer debt consolidation in Florida, then an online search will reveal many such companies. It is wise to consider the charges and offers made by several companies before you make a final choice. Some of the important issues that one needs to look into includes the interest rate charged on the consolidation loan, time period in which you will be debt free and the monthly payment you will need to make towards the consolidated loan. It is important that the advice on consolidation of debts that you gain helps you become debt free soon.

Read the fine print and be sure of details such as associated fees, penalties and conditions of the loan. You may wish to read testimonials of people who have used the services of a company. It is vital that you understand what the consolidation of debts entails and ask the company representative as many questions as you wish to before you are ready to sign the dotted line.

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