TurboTax Freedom Edition: An Overview

The TurboTax Freedom Edition, not to be confused with the regular Free Version, is a tax preparation software offered by Intuit¹. It’s designed for individuals with simple tax returns and offers free federal and state tax preparation⁴.

TurboTax Freedom Edition
TurboTax Freedom Edition

Who Can Use It?

The Freedom Edition is ideal for those with W-2 income and those looking to maximize tax credits for dependents¹. It’s also suitable for individuals who qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EIC) and Child Tax Credit¹.


The software is user-friendly and guides users step-by-step through the tax filing process¹. It allows users to import their W-2 forms, answer basic questions about their life, and get their maximum refund¹. The software also offers features like CompleteCheck™, which scans your return to ensure it’s 100% accurate¹.


While the Freedom Edition is more fully-featured than the regular Free Edition, it’s intended for simple tax returns only⁴. It does not cover situations like itemized deductions, unemployment income reported on a 1099-G, business or 1099-NEC income, stock sales, rental property income, or credits, deductions and income reported on other forms or schedules².

Customer Reviews

Users have praised TurboTax Freedom Edition for its ease of use and helpful features. Some testimonials include appreciations for its user-friendly interface and stress-free tax preparation process¹.

In conclusion, the Freedom Edition is a valuable tool for individuals with simple tax situations looking to file their taxes at no cost. However, it’s important to understand its limitations and ensure it suits your specific needs before using it. For more complex tax situations, other versions of TurboTax may be more appropriate.

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