FreeTaxUSA and The Amended Tax Return


As the April deadline approaches and you have already sent your tax return in the mail to the IRS or you have completed a return on the computer, the only way to change the tax return is to file an amended tax return. If you have filed with FreeTaxUSA, you can sign in with your account and correct the return.

The Internal Revenue Service does not let you do an e-file amended return.  Your only choice is to prepare and send back the amended return.

If you completed your original tax return through another source besides FreeTaxUSA, you can go to the website for the IRS and use form 1040X to manually do an amended return. If you would like to use FreeTaxUSA, just enter all of your tax information.

It is recommended that a person not amend their tax return until they have received their refund or paid their taxes.  Often times, the IRS will automatically correct any errors, in which case, you do not need to amend anything.  The IRS sends a notice as to the adjustments that were made or asks for more documentation.

Tax forms can be tricky at times.  With the misplacement or miscalculation of one number throwing many things off.  When this occurs you must make every effort to correct the mistake through an amended tax returnSoftware from FreeTaxUSA makes this process as well as your initial tax filing easy.  Tax returns do not have to cause headaches.  Careful preparation is key.

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