The IRS Provides Offshore Account Disclosure


As we complete the strenuous task of paying our incomes taxes for 2010, we have to deal with the unleashed financial monster i.e. IRS tax audits.

Many taxpayers do everything possible to try the nearly impossible feat of evading the burden of taxes by using the measures as per the Internal Revenue Code to dodge their tax burden. Thus, they cause financial problems and auditing issues for the government, which in turn has doubled the auditing of tax returns for the richest USA citizens this tax season.

IRS professionals have definitely pulled up their socks with audits being increased 8% for the richest USA citizens in 2010 over the past tax season. Also the data released by the Internal Revenue Service shows that IRS audits have increased from 10.6% to 18.4% for the taxpayers with gross incomes above $10 million. Even audits for taxed adults within the income range of $5 million and $10 million have seen audit increases from 7.5% to 11.6%, which is a 55% increase.

Offshore accounts and tax evasions are the new catch with Global High Wealth groups being established in 2010 for improved strategies for high magnitude capital individuals.
As per Doug Shulman, IRS commissioner, the federal agency is looking for leverage points through which many tax evaders can be caught. Two of them are financial institutions and evasion scheme promoters.

The initiative of an Offshore Voluntary Disclosure process for the native and non-native English speaking taxpayers, provides information in 8 different languages. For tax evader’s benefit, they can now disclose their offshore accounts and come clean with the taxing authority, since evading taxes is a criminal offense and largely against the US’ interest.


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