Former Clients Feel Betrayed By “Tax Lady” Roni Deutch


Thousands of dollars are owed to the IRS by individuals who are looking to anyone for assistance in lowering that debt. Some of those people have looked to the aid of a woman from their TV, who has made assurances that for pennies on the dollar she would get the IRS out of their lives.

For anyone who is looking at a tax debt, Roni Deutch is just the ticket they are looking for. Calling herself the “Tax Lady”, Ms. Deutch can be hard for people to resist. Finding himself embroiled within a dark hole after his divorce, a contractor from the Central Coast became one of the many to fall for her ads. Others have been a Missouri father about to deploy, a woman from Indianapolis in need to sell her home, and a Florida plumber about to lose his plumbing business.

But those are just a handful of the people who have been desperate enough to make that call. Along with countless others, those individuals became clients of the law firm that promised to aid their tax debt problems. Ms. Deutch’s firm based in North Highlands promised to many, but failed to bring them any closer to being out of their troubles with the IRS.

A lawsuit for over 30 million dollars was filed in 2010 by the attorney general for her state, which helped to crumble the firm which was bringing in to each of the partners more than 24 million per year income. That fraud case, as well as some contempt accusations was filed due to clients’ claims that Ms. Deutch failed to do any work for them. The firm is also charged with creating statements of bills that were bogus in the clients’ eyes only as another way to cheat them.

On the 12 of May, Ms. Deutch shut the doors to her firm, while giving a defensive statement outside the offices. Her claims stated that the firm was broke, actually claiming that they owed around 15 million themselves. Still stating in her words that she was everything she had claimed to be.

The state of California continue to make their allegations in echoing support of the Sacremento clients’  as well as numerous people from other states. Those people have contacted the Sacremento Bee in the following days after Ms. Deutch closed the doors of the law firm.

In the courtroom on Friday, Deutch continued her plea that she never committed any type of contempt of court. While the AG’s office went on with their accusations that the firm shredded papers and never paid the refunds to her clients’. With those accusations and alleged violations, neither her attorney nor Ms. Deutch wished to make a statement.

Former Clients Feel Betrayed By "Tax Lady" Roni Deutch by
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