Using Taxbrain’s New Tax Preparation Video Service For Tax Assistance


Taxbrain Begins An Amazing New Tax Service: Instant communication with certified tax professionals without having to leave your home., a leader in the industry of online help with taxes, has just decided to provide another great service. That is YOU&US, a video service that lets your taxes be done by professionals, all online. You can ask them questions or for suggestions or guidance, or just sit back and watch as your taxes are prepared correctly and efficiently. It is like having a professional right in the room with you. this program is a browser based that allows video communication two ways, audio, shared desktop information, and more.

Craig Petz, the VP at Taxbrain, is quite excited about Taxbrain. He thinks it is what their customers are looking for. It lets them solve tax problems in a convenient way, and it uses the latest technology to do that, all while involving the customer. It is a service that many people will find quite handy, and others may find almost indispensable.
They are also having a Ask a Pro service, which features 30 minutes of conversation with either a professional from Taxbrain, or someone working for the IRS. The 30 minutes covers a range of commonly asked questions and concerns people have about doing their taxes. These programs can be used separately or together.

Taxbrain started in 2002 and has since then emerged as a reliable and trusted source for tax information and help. Thousands of people used them for taxes 2010 last year. This year, try them out, and make your taxes less of a hassle.

Using Taxbrain's New Tax Preparation Video Service For Tax Assistance by
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  1. I used taxbrain one year and it was great!

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