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Tax Filing Assistance For Taxpayers

If you are yet to file your federal income tax returns for 2012, luck is at hand. This year, you will have a couple of additional days to do it.

Rather than the usual 15th April deadline, taxpayers can send their returns in as late as midnight 17th April.

A spokesman for the IRS, Christopher Miller, assured people that they have no need to panic.

The 2 day extension has been granted because the 15th falls on a Sunday, followed by Emancipation Day on the 16th, which is a federal holiday in the Colombia District.

As ever, according to Miller, … Read the rest

Save on Tax Preparation: File Your Own Taxes

Tax preparation can be costly so save money and try doing your taxes yourself. Tax preparation can cause you hundreds especially if you opt for an expedited refund. Filing your taxes yourself is easy with the help of the Internet. Several tax preparers offer online tax services in which you can file your taxes for very little if anything at all. Depending on your income, you may even qualify to file your federal taxes for free.

Where is my W-2?

By the end of each January, employers must mail your W-2 wage information to you if you are a wage … Read the rest

FreeTaxUSA and The Amended Tax Return

As the April deadline approaches and you have already sent your tax return in the mail to the IRS or you have completed a return on the computer, the only way to change the tax return is to file an amended tax return. If you have filed with FreeTaxUSA, you can sign in with your account and correct the return.

The Internal Revenue Service does not let you do an e-file amended return.  Your only choice is to prepare and send back the amended return.

If you completed your original tax return through another source besides FreeTaxUSA, you can … Read the rest

IRS Sets Tax Filing Extension Now To Five Months For Partnership, Estate And Trust Returns

New rules set by the IRS have changed the time of automatic extensions.  These rules affect estate, trust and partnership tax returns.  Instead of the former six month tax filing extension, the new period is just five months.  For most individual taxpayers the new rules will have little to no effect on filing date or individual taxpayer extensions.

The filing options with an extension for these entities was a six month period.  However, the new rules have reduced the amount of time allowed by one month.

In the past, the extension only required the filing of a single … Read the rest

The IRS Provides Offshore Account Disclosure

As we complete the strenuous task of paying our incomes taxes for 2010, we have to deal with the unleashed financial monster i.e. IRS tax audits.

Many taxpayers do everything possible to try the nearly impossible feat of evading the burden of taxes by using the measures as per the Internal Revenue Code to dodge their tax burden. Thus, they cause financial problems and auditing issues for the government, which in turn has doubled the auditing of tax returns for the richest USA citizens this tax season.

IRS professionals have definitely pulled up their socks with audits being … Read the rest

Ready for Tax Season? Learn the 3 Key Steps to Avoiding the Ire of the IRS

Just about everyone fears a tax audit from the IRS, but why? If you haven’t done anything wrong, there may really be no reason to fear such an inspection of your financial matters. Maybe this fear comes from the knowledge that we aren’t always sure we’re doing our taxes correctly in the first place. Maybe it comes from the fact that the tax code is so bloated with exceptions, exemptions, and deductions, that it leaves most us wondering if we indeed have a clue as to what we are doing when we fill in those simple looking tax forms … Read the rest