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Filing Your Taxes – Helpful IRS Advice

Six Easy Tax Filing Tips

Income tax season does not have to be the worst time of year. The Internal Revenue Service has provided six easy tips that will help people file their taxes this season.

1) Do not leave your taxes until the last minute. Many people avoid filing their tax return until the end of tax season. People who wait until the deadline are more likely to make tax filing mistakes and miss tax savings opportunities. Early filers are less likely to make costly mistakes and the earlier you file your 2010 taxes the sooner you will … Read the rest

Checking the Status Online of Your Tax Refunds

Checking the Status Online of Your Tax Refunds

It might feel good to know that there is a tax refund waiting for you. Congrats! The most common question asked by every expectant taxpayer is; “Where is my refund?” Check status of your refund online.

The quickest and easiest way to check your tax refund is asking the IRS through their web site www.IRS.gov. There is a link called “Where’s My Refund?” on the home page itself. It’s fairly simple to use this service. You only need to have your tax return copy so as to be able to provide the … Read the rest

How to Check Your Tax Refund Status Online?

How to Check Your Tax Refund Status Online?

Knowing that a tax refund is due after filing their tax returns, many people become happy. In case you have a refund due, then you can check your tax refund status online and here’s how.

Few things regarding tax refunds, I feel, are worth knowing before you proceed towards checking your online status. You should first be aware of the nature of your tax refund and possible internet scams.

If there is a good amount of refund due for you, then it’s better to give a good thought on how much … Read the rest

Invest your Tax Return

Invest your 2009 Tax Return

The IRS is offering an investment option if you are getting a refund for your 2009 taxes this year. You can transfer your tax refund for a US savings bond of up to $5,000. You can purchase a bond in any denomination of $50, remaining funds need to be directly deposited into a banking account.

It’s just that simple, when you file choose the US Savings Bond option and you will receive your bonds in the mail instead of a refund check. The official form is Form 8888, used to deposit your refund into more … Read the rest