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School Tax – Tax Breaks for Giving

In Arizona, it is commonplace to be hit up by children selling wrapping paper, candy bars, and coupon books to help raise funds for equipment, trips, and other school programs. Another way for taxpayers to help children in the local schools, is available, though and would give a higher yield return on your state taxes than the purchase of a tub of cookie dough will.

A tax credit of up to $200 for individuals and $400 for a couple married and filing jointly for contributions of cash to a charter or public school exists as the Tax Credit program of … Read the rest

The Mistakes a Taxpayer Should Avoid When Filing Tax Returns

The Mistakes a Taxpayer Should Avoid When Filing Tax Returns

The season for filing tax returns often finds people confused and nervous. The IRS assumes the role of an enormous vengeful monster ready to gobble you up. It is very unfortunate, and very common, that a considerable number of taxpayers will postpone filing their tax returns and straightening out tax affairs until the deadline looms high; this is where the nervousness comes into play.

If you are not clear about tax laws, depreciation formulae and deductibility rules, you may find yourself in some trouble. This could also cause you to … Read the rest