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Guidance on Preparing Your Taxes

Usually, tax planning is not included on most people’s lists of new year’s resolutions. However, maybe 2014 ought to be the year when you make the effort to understand more about your taxes. This will allow you to correctly plan and organize your responsibilities.

This resolution will help you once tax season arrives, and it might result in you saving more cash over the long run.

Here’s some advice to help you get started on achieving this goal:

Organize your tax file for 2014. This might be an online file, where you can scan transactions and documents over the course … Read the rest

Tax Tricks for Homeowners

Tax Tips & Tricks for Homeowners

Although gaining the status of homeowner can be a monumental moment in your life, the responsibility and excitement can often overshadow one of the most appealing aspects of owning your home: tax deductions and savings! In fact, every bit of your property taxes and mortgage interest can be itemized on your taxes and result in impressive savings.

Savings that accompany homeowner-ship can pave the way for allowing you to afford a home they you may not otherwise be able to even consider. In addition to property taxes stemming from mortgage interest and property taxes, … Read the rest

Green Tax Deductions

There are numerous ways in which you may recognize savings by way of green tax deductions. By making certain eco-friendly choices regarding your purchases or certain home modifications, you may be eligible for tax benefits while at the same time doing something good for the environment. Not only might the environment and your pocketbook be thanking you for your efforts, but you may be improving your home and lifestyle in the process. In many instances, you could be saving 30% of the cost of your purchases or up to a total tax credit of $1500, although certain purchases may … Read the rest