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Check Tax Return Online

Check Tax Return Online

Since the 2008 Economic debacle, the U.S. has looked for ways to maximize income while minimizing expenses. As a government’s chief method of income is the taxation of its citizens, the Federal government has looked to allowing the lapse of Bush era tax breaks, raising taxes where appropriate, and stricter guidelines for tax professionals.

This ethos is trickling down to the state level. In some of the harder hit states, new and tighter regulations concerning the taxpayer and his/her tax bill are coming into existence and the taxpayer is facing new and more intense scrutiny. … Read the rest

Some States Are Also Dreaming Of A Mega Millions Jackpot

People who are lining up to purchase tickets for the Mega Millions Jackpot are not the only ones who are dreaming of the astronomical $540 million lottery prize that someone might win on Friday. Several state governments are also hoping to get lucky because the win would result in a big tax bonus for them.

A single winner of the Mega Millions Jackpot could generate taxes of tens of millions of dollars to some lucky state if the lump-sum payout is chosen. This could mean funding some important social service programs that are currently scheduled to be chopped. This kind … Read the rest

Wesley Snipes: Failing To File Income Taxes

Wesley Snipes to Stay Incarcerated For Failing to File Taxes

The US Supreme Court announced on Monday that it has denied Wesley Snipes’ appeal regarding his tax evasion charges.

At age 48, Snipes has been serving a prison sentence for neglecting to pay his income taxes. In 2008, he was federally charged for failing to file income taxes and was ordered to spend a 36 month sentence in prison. He has been in prison since December 2010 for not paying $15.6 million in taxes than span over a period of six years.

The Courthouse News Service stated that Snipes … Read the rest

Republicans Repeal Tanning Business Tax

Legislation was recently introduced by a committee of House Republicans to repeal the ten percent tax on companies that provide tanning services. The tax, which was introduced under the President’s measures to reform health care, has been widely regarded as being unfair to small businesses.

Michael Grimm, a New York Republican pointed out that middle class Americans and small business owners should not have to pay the bills for Obama’s reform of health care. Grimm went on to say that the tanning tax is just one of several unfair taxes that affect both business owners and customers and ultimately the … Read the rest