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Four Distinct Advantages Of Using The FreeTaxUsa Software



FreeTaxUsa is an incredible tax filing service that is starting to get great reviews from many leading tax filing experts.  Anyone can use FreeTaxUsa2011 without any difficulty.  There are many advantages to using the tax preparation software.  Let’s take a close look at four of them.

Endorsed by The IRS

One important note is that Free Tax USA 2011 is endorsed by The Internal Revenue Service.  This is great for anyone who may have concerns about using a tax service that may lead to a potential audit.


The creators of FreeTaxUsa understand the importance of helping individuals … Read the rest

The IRS is Making Immense High-Tech Strides

Electronic Filing Services Are Taxpayers’ First Choice!

This tax season, the IRS has devised a plethora of useful virtual features to facilitate the taxpaying process greatly.  Tara Lynn Wagner of NY1 reports as follows:

“Once again, it’s that time of year when people’s thoughts turn toward taxes. The good news is that help has arrived for all those persistent procrastinators, however.

In 2012, taxes will not be officially overdue until after April 17 – two days later than the traditional filing deadline. This is per IRS spokeswoman Dianne Besunder.

Ms. Besunder further advised that prompt filing yields correspondingly faster refund … Read the rest

Top 10 Tax Tips for the Year

Tax filing season has started and the documents you need should be in the mailbox soon. While the return is not due until April 17 this year, here are 10 tax tips to ensure you are ready to file.

1. Start gathering records now. This includes receipts, canceled checks and other supporting documents.

2. Watch for W-2s and 1099s. You will need them.

3. For answers to questions, look at the IRS website.

4. Use Free File. If your income was $57,000 or less you qualify for free file. You must access this service trough www.irs.gov. The IRS has collaborated … Read the rest

TurboTax iPad App Allows You Tap Your Way to a Tax Refund

If you own an iPad and still need to file your taxes here is some great news. TurboTax announced today that we now have a new app for the iPad- combining the unmatched simplicity and precision of TurboTax with the ease and portability of the iPad. It is the first and only app that allows taxpayers to prepare and e-file their state and federal tax returns with Turbo-tax using only an iPad. Now you can tap your way to a refund.

The app is optimized for iPad and allows users choose whether to work in portrait or landscape and they … Read the rest

Volunteer Tax Assistance

Much to everyone’s chagrin the 2010 tax season is almost upon us. If you are looking for 2010 income tax preparation that won’t cost a dime,you may qualify for a sponsored community based  IRS program.

These are a few facts you may want to know about the Volunteer Tax Assistance programs.

1. The Volunteer Tax Assistance and 2010 Tax Council program for senior citizens are sponsored by the IRS.

2. The Volunteer Tax Assistance service gives 2010 tax assistance free of charge for those who earned less than $49,000. Some locations have free filing services.

3. The Tax Counseling for … Read the rest

Filing Taxes Online Now Stress Free As Well As Cost Free

Filing Taxes Online Now Stress Free As Well As Cost Free

For a lot of US citizens, the 2009 tax season proves to be taxing the nerves, too expensive, and severely time-consuming.

Fortunately, many ways are available to make tax filing easier, faster, effectively cost free, as well as stress free.

This possibility has come out as a result of a system that facilitates free tax preparation. Through the web site www.TaxACT.com anybody can e-file tax returns now with little to no charge. They can also prepare and print them for free.

There are many good reasons why you … Read the rest