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Four Distinct Advantages Of Using The FreeTaxUsa Software



FreeTaxUsa is an incredible tax filing service that is starting to get great reviews from many leading tax filing experts.  Anyone can use FreeTaxUsa2011 without any difficulty.  There are many advantages to using the tax preparation software.  Let’s take a close look at four of them.

Endorsed by The IRS

One important note is that Free Tax USA 2011 is endorsed by The Internal Revenue Service.  This is great for anyone who may have concerns about using a tax service that may lead to a potential audit.


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The Benefits Of Filing Your Taxes with FreeTaxUSA

FreeTaxUSA can now support the 42 US states where a state tax return is required.  Additionally it can also support the District of Columbia, Vermont, and Montana.  Taxpayers residing in states that do not require state returns still have the option of filing a 100% free federal return on the FreeTaxUSA website.  Each year, there are been new states added, with this being the first tax season in which all 42 of the states are available. This means that more taxpayers can file their state taxes electronic than in the past with this great online tax product.

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FreeTaxUSA and The Amended Tax Return

As the April deadline approaches and you have already sent your tax return in the mail to the IRS or you have completed a return on the computer, the only way to change the tax return is to file an amended tax return. If you have filed with FreeTaxUSA, you can sign in with your account and correct the return.

The Internal Revenue Service does not let you do an e-file amended return.  Your only choice is to prepare and send back the amended return.

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FreeTaxUSA is Just as Effective as a Paid Tax Service

FreeTaxUSA is Just as Effective as a Paid Tax Service

For a company that offers their services at absolutely no charge, it might seem surprising that FreeTaxUSA is every bit as effective as any other paid tax services. Regardless of whether you are doing a simple tax return and efiling, or if you are handling more complicated tax returns involving self employment, the purchase or sale of a home, marriage, divorce, or Earned Income Credit (just to name a few), FreeTaxUSA can effectively handle and simplify the process for you while still ensuring the maximum return possible.

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Why Pay More When You Can Use FreeTaxUSA to Do Your Taxes

Why Pay More When You Can Use FreeTaxUSA to Do Your Taxes

Everyone knows about the tax companies advertising that they will do your taxes for a low cost of $xx. But why pay their “low cost”, which is usually between $30 and $100, when you can have your taxes done for free? These companies that charge for their service purport to do your taxes for you, allegedly. Really what they do is have you answer all the questions asked on tax forms but in a simpler way. You are still doing half the work.

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