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End of Year Accounting Tips for Beginners

In 1752 the English New Year was moved from the end of March to the beginning of January.  Thankfully, the Georgian authorities saw fit to leave the Financial New Year where it was.  I love the 18th century Georgian authorities.  If it wasn’t for them I’d have to deal with the New Year Hangover and the Financial New Year Hangover at the same time.  Like many self-employed people, the end of the financial year, and tax return deadlines finds me in a bad mood, usually late at night with a large pot of coffee and tons of paperwork to spill … Read the rest

FreeTaxUSA and The Amended Tax Return

As the April deadline approaches and you have already sent your tax return in the mail to the IRS or you have completed a return on the computer, the only way to change the tax return is to file an amended tax return. If you have filed with FreeTaxUSA, you can sign in with your account and correct the return.

The Internal Revenue Service does not let you do an e-file amended return.  Your only choice is to prepare and send back the amended return.

If you completed your original tax return through another source besides FreeTaxUSA, you can … Read the rest

The Advantage Of Using Taxbrain If You Make Charitable Donations

There are several online services created to help people in filing tax forms. One company known as Taxbrain, helps people get the most money they can in a refund.

As a business, this company partnered with Charity Deductions to create a way for clients to use the contributions they make to charities as deductions. This partnership allows people access to a huge database of information.

The database includes the market value of charitable donations so people can easily find what pertains to their contributions and just import the information directly into their taxbrain form.

The Vice President … Read the rest