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Tax Filing Assistance For Taxpayers

If you are yet to file your federal income tax returns for 2012, luck is at hand. This year, you will have a couple of additional days to do it.

Rather than the usual 15th April deadline, taxpayers can send their returns in as late as midnight 17th April.

A spokesman for the IRS, Christopher Miller, assured people that they have no need to panic.

The 2 day extension has been granted because the 15th falls on a Sunday, followed by Emancipation Day on the 16th, which is a federal holiday in the Colombia District.

As ever, according to Miller, … Read the rest

The Benefits Of Filing Your Taxes with FreeTaxUSA

FreeTaxUSA can now support the 42 US states where a state tax return is required.  Additionally it can also support the District of Columbia, Vermont, and Montana.  Taxpayers residing in states that do not require state returns still have the option of filing a 100% free federal return on the FreeTaxUSA website.  Each year, there are been new states added, with this being the first tax season in which all 42 of the states are available. This means that more taxpayers can file their state taxes electronic than in the past with this great online tax product.

There has been … Read the rest

Did You Forget To File Your Returns on April 15th with the IRS?

Did You Forget To File Your Returns on April 15th with the IRS?

Are you late filing your tax returns and has April 15th already passed? In case you could not file your tax return or request for an extension of time, here some ways to clear your past due.

The Internal Revenue Service happens to be a bit sensitive regarding filing of tax returns. Even if you are unable to pay, it prefers you to do a file your return or take a filing extension. In the worst situation, the IRS simply puts you on a payment … Read the rest

Just Married or Divorced, Get Your Filing Name Right

Just Married or Divorced, Get Your Filing Name Right

According to the IRS, if you were just married in 2009 or you just got divorced, there are some things to consider to make sure your tax return has the correct name and will be processed. Entering the right taxpayer name is vital to getting your refund quickly.

If there was a last name change of either spouse because of a marriage, make sure to contact the Social Security Administration. If the SSA doesn’t have record of your new name, the tax return can not be matched to your Social … Read the rest