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Paying for College: Student Loan Interest Deduction Explained

Interest on student loans can get overwhelming. Luckily, the IRS allows for the Student Loan Interest Deduction which can be taken by qualified filers. The deduction allows for any paid interest to be deducted from amount of income earned annually and provides a valuable tool to help balance finances for those in the throngs of repayment.


Any loan taken out for the sole intention of covering eligible expenses related to the pursuit of a higher eduction is considered a “qualified” student loan with deductible interest. The elegibility of expeneses includes those for which the Tuition and Fees deduction is … Read the rest

Can Debt Relief Counselors Help?

The concept of being financially free is enough to tempt every person to settle their debts and “live the good life,” as they say. Many people are still wondering if this dream is achievable. Well, yes, if you are able to settle your balances and manage your finances well. If you have not done it so, better get the help of the professionals like debt relief counselors.

Who are these debt counselors? They are the professional financial counselors that you can contact if you want help in managing your finances. If you are having trouble about lending money, applying … Read the rest