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Tax Carnival Ecstasy – February 19, 2013

Welcome to the February 19, 2013 edition of Tax Carnival Ecstasy. In this edition we start with a post from David de Souza who looks at 3 Ways To Pay Less Tax On Your Savings. Kurt at Mymoneycounselor.com has tips on the best way to Choose a Tax Preparer. Have you ever wondered if You need to Pay Taxes on credit card rewards from reward points? William has the details. And finally, John Schmoll examines 5 Easy Ways to Save the Money you Lost Due to the Payroll Tax Increase. Hope you like the material, share on Facebook, tweet, bookmark, … Read the rest

Military Debt Consolidation – Pros and Cons

What is military debt consolidation, and how can you get it? Consolidation in general just means combining all your payments into one. If you are serious about trying to get rid of debt, then there are a couple benefits to consider.

For one thing, it helps organize the finances better. After all, trying to track payments that are coming due at all different times of the month can be extremely challenging. Also, the interest rate is generally reduced on these loans, because there is usually some form of collateral involved.

Some loans are specifically for either people who have served, … Read the rest

Great Advice on Debt Consolidation

Too many people across the country struggle with debts every day. It is easy to take a loan or buy on credit, but difficult to repay one’s dues. The longer you wait to pay off your debts the more interest they accumulate, and you end up adding to your debt rather than reducing them. It is important to start today and take steps to start reducing debts. The first and foremost of course, it is important to start paying your loan installments on time and making more than just the minimum due for payments on credit card bills. If you … Read the rest