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Taxes And The Romney Tax Plan

Romney Tax Plan

If you are looking for information on the 2010 taxes and what the Romney tax plan is if he wins the election, maybe this will help you.

One of the things that Romney said he does not want to do is cut taxes for the well off. He said that high income taxpayers will have fewer exemptions and deductions. He said that if those numbers didn’t come down, they’d get a tax break. Romney said that he is proposing a reduction in the tax rate but that he also wants to close exemptions and deductions at … Read the rest

Should they Abandon the Alternative Minimum Tax?

The AMT or Alternative Minimum Tax is that rare thing – a part of the tax code that most people agree on irrespective of their ideological or political leanings. It was originally established in order to make certain that the richest citizens in the US were going to be made to pay their own fair share of the national tax revenues, but most people now think that it is unfair it has not been adjusted along with inflation which in effect means that an ever growing percentage of not quite as wealthy Americans are falling within its remit and finding … Read the rest

Must I File a Tax Return?

Must I File a Tax Return for 2009?

The short answer to this question, do I have to file a tax return, is yes if your income is above the level required for your filing status. But a couple additional pieces of information affect the answer including your age and the source of your income. IRS.gov is a great resource for the exact tax rules.

In addition to the requirement, it makes sense to file a return to get a refund on any taxes that you did pay during the year. There is the special tax credit, Making Work … Read the rest