CEO Of GM Calls For A $1 Hike In Gas Taxes To Spur Small-car Sales

Dan Akerson, the CEO of GM is proposing a government-imposed tax hike of $1 in gas price. He hopes that the rising cost of gas plus the proposed tax hike of one dollar will make buyers for choosing smaller cars that consume less gasoline. Akerson wants people to pay as much as an increment of one dollar for every gallon pumped.

The Detroit News featured Akerson’s proposal where he also made it clear that he expects the government to pass on the leadership of GM to the company itself. He hopes for this to take place in a period of 12 months after his proposal. The federal government took control of GM after the car maker was close to being bankrupt.  This might have increased the taxes 2010.

According to Akerson, if the gas prices are high, people will get more fuel efficient models and this will not only help people save money, but it will also help the environment. This will form part of a government comprehensive energy policy where less energy is used in order to stop pollution.

Akerson believes that this will force car makers to produce more fuel efficient cars that will have a higher mileage per gallon. Most car manufacturers have not come up with cars who are fuel efficient. However, if there is a demand for fuel-efficient cars then manufacturers will make more fuel efficient models.

Akerson wants to control how much gas is being used by hiking up the prices. He says that even when gas prices drop a 50 cent tax per gallon should be enacted in order to make consumers buy and use less gas. He also wants to hike up the price of energy efficient cars.

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