Checking the Status Online of Your Tax Refunds

Checking the Status Online of Your Tax Refunds

It might feel good to know that there is a tax refund waiting for you. Congrats! The most common question asked by every expectant taxpayer is; “Where is my refund?” Check status of your refund online.

The quickest and easiest way to check your tax refund is asking the IRS through their web site There is a link called “Where’s My Refund?” on the home page itself. It’s fairly simple to use this service. You only need to have your tax return copy so as to be able to provide the required data for getting the refund status. To be specific, you will need your social security number, the filing status, and the refund amount. The basic reason for asking about this information is for your personal security; the agency tries to make sure that it is dealing with a genuine taxpayer. Moreover, your return also should have all this information. Otherwise, there might be something wrong.

After inputting all this information, a results page should appear that will show certain messages like:

(i) Return received and it is under processing

(ii) It might show you the expected date for direct deposit of refund or the mailing date

(iii) Refund not issued because of some delivery problem

Sometimes, it might tell you that your return is reviewed by the IRS due to some error or doubtful entry. In situations like this, you should rush on to some expert tax professional and get your return reviewed to make it error-free.

How long should you wait before checking?

In case of electronic filing, the refund status normally becomes accessible after 48 to 72 hours from the actual time of filing your returns. As the return comes into the data base in electronic format, so the system should get very quickly updated. In case of non-electronic filing of your returns, you won’t be able to check status of your return before 3 weeks or sometimes even more. As the IRS receives a lot of returns in paper format, so it takes a plenty of time to enter all the data into the data base.

How much time does it normally take to receive your refund?

The time needed for issuing a refund depends upon the way the return is filed. In case you filed a paper return and sent through regular mail, then the refund could be expected within 6 to 8 weeks after the IRS receives your return. And in case of electronic return filing, you can expect the same within 3 to 4 weeks time. In case you gave preference for direct deposit of the refund in your bank account, then simply take off 1 week from the above calculations.

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