How to Check Your Tax Refund Status Online?

How to Check Your Tax Refund Status Online?

Knowing that a tax refund is due after filing their tax returns, many people become happy. In case you have a refund due, then you can check your tax refund status online and here’s how.

Few things regarding tax refunds, I feel, are worth knowing before you proceed towards checking your online status. You should first be aware of the nature of your tax refund and possible internet scams.

If there is a good amount of refund due for you, then it’s better to give a good thought on how much you are paying for your quarterly taxes and what is the sum of money getting deducted from your paychecks. Tax refund might sound good, but actually it’s not so. Overpaying your taxes means only that the government is acquiring a free loan from you. For the extra tax payments, you are not going to be paid any interest by the IRS; so it’s useless and you should modify your tax payments.

The next thing to be kept in mind is that you have to visit the IRS web site in order to check your tax refund online status. Because of multitude of phishing scams focusing on tax-related issues, people get numerous fake emails dealing with different aspects of tax refunds. All these emails basically are scams and spams! One thing you should remember is that IRS never sends emails to people notifying about a refund due. To check your refund status, just go nowhere else but the IRS web site. Beware of the fraudulent activities centered around tax issues and don’t spoil the possibility of a tax refund.

To know your tax refund status, find out the IRS web site on the internet and visit that site. Then look for the link Where Is My Refund by inspecting the home page. You only need to follow certain simple steps and a couple of mouse clicks and that’s it; your status is in front of you. For your information, keep your tax return copy handy.

Then you will get some responses from the IRS software. Summarizing, you will see some messages such as the tax return filed, but not processed; tax refund was mailed or sent to your account (date mentioned); or because of some problem, IRS could not deliver refund. In case there is some delay in refund due to some tax return filing issues, IRS will notify you regarding that too.

Again, if there is a sizeable refund for you, then you may like to fine-tune your tax payments. There is really no logic for giving a free loan to the government throughout the year. A good sum of money has already been taken by them.

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